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Ent 4021: Honey Bees and Insect Societies

This 3-credit course is designed to study the fascinating natural histories and behaviors of honey bees and other social insects (native social bees, some wasps, ants and termites). These insect societies demonstrate cooperative behavior and collective decision-making with no central authority. Lecture topics include the evolution of social behavior in insects, current theories on the division of labor and self-organization, caste determination, pheromones and communication, and much more.

Offered: Every other Fall semester (2009). Use section number 65169 when registering for this course.

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Ent 4022: Bee Management

This 1-credit course is taught during Intersession (3 weeks in May-June). Students will learn all the basics of honey bee management, including queen rearing. In addition, students will learn how to rear bumblebees for pollination of tomatoes and other native crops and wildflowers, and how to trap-nest the Blue Orchard bee for apple pollination. Enrollment is limited to 18 to give each student individualized, hands-on training and experience.

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Hort 4850 Pollinator Protection in Managed Lanscapes

Co-taught by Dr. Eric Watkins, Horticulture, and M. Spivak, Entomology
This 3 credit course will cover pollinator protection in managed landscapes such as gardens, lawns, roadsides, small farms, organic farms, conventional farms, golf courses, urban parks, rural parklands, prairies etc. The course will begin with an introduction to pollinators and the importance of pollinators in agricultural and other managed and natural landscapes. Next the risks to pollinators and ways that those risks can be reduced, minimized, or overcome will be examined. Finally, ways that public policy has impacted pollinators and how future policy decisions will affect pollinator protection efforts will be covered.

Offered: Every spring semester.

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