Pollinator Ambassadors

Pollinator Ambassadors

The Pollinator Ambassadors program is designed to engage new audiences to learn about pollinators and become empowered to teach others. Pollinator Ambassadors receive training and/or materials from experts to spread the word and lead more people to actions to help pollinators. The two main facets of the Pollinator Ambassador program are 1) Pollinator Ambassador Outreach Toolkits  and 2) Pollinator Ambassador Training.

Pollinator Ambassador Outreach Toolkits

Pollinator Outreach toolkits

This versatile, portable, educational toolkit was created by pollinator experts at the University of Minnesota Bee Lab and Monarch Joint Venture. These kits provide science-based pollinator education through games and interactive features. The kits include instructions for education and outreach leaders. The content of the kit can be modified to  benefit audiences with varying levels of pollinator knowledge. Users will come away with a new appreciation for pollinators as well as new ways to help them. We are grateful to the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund for supporting production and distribution of the pollinator toolkits.

We are able to offer downloadable materials available to all. To recieve access to these materials, fill out the Online Pollinator Education Toolkit Form  

Adaptation to materials to digital formats is continuing and more will be added to the Online kits in the coming months.

We have received and are processing applications for 200 free Pollinator Ambassador Outreach Toolkits that will be distrubted to MN educators. We hope to supply additional kits to people outside of MN in the future. Kits will be mailed to recipients. We will have an option to pick up from the UMN Bee Lab if that is convenient. These are interactive outreach materials. They do not require specific training as the materials are designed to stand alone but additional background information can provide enrichment, so we will provide some videos with additional information and instructions. Some written instructions will also accompany the kits. If you receive a kit, you will be asked to keep track of use and answer an annual survey.

Check out these videos on how to use the toolkits

Pollinator Ambassador Training

Now accepting applications for 2021 Pollinator Ambassador Youth! Seeking connections with host organizations who work with youth ages 15 to 19. We are offering a stipend through host organizations for youth to attend weekly sessions to develop pollinator outreach projects. Weekly on-line sessions will be guided by UMN Bee Lab staff and other pollinator and outreach experts. Apply here: https://forms.gle/BBJZf518pSGLfmN97

A collaboration between Bee Squad, Urban Ventures, Urban Roots, Monarch Joint Venture, the University of Minnesota Bell Museum of Natural HistoryPollinate Minnesota, and the Mississippi River Green Team, the Pollinator Ambassadors program began in 2016 with funding from the UMN Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute.  The goal of the Pollinator Ambassadors program is to provide hands-on training to youth about pollinators in order for them to provide outreach to the public. In 2016, the program trained 6 youth from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. These participants learned about honey bees, participated in bumble bee surveys, and learned about pollination in food systems. Two of the participants were hired by the Bee Squad in 2017 to help with outreach. In 2017, the Bee Squad received funding from Target Corporate to continue Pollinator Ambassador programming and we expanded the number of youth participants to 20 by connecting with the Mississippi River Green Team. These youth participants were trained in beneficial insects, pollinators, bumble bee surveys, and were able to connect to a Bee Arts project where they experienced the intersection of art and bee pollinators.

In 2019, we trained 45 youth participants including students in Rochester, MN.  We partnered with instructors from Monarch Joint Venture and Pollinate Minnesota to broaden our content. To support educators throughout the state of Minnesota, we created pollinator outreach toolkits. In 2020, we will send 200 kits to pollinator educators across Minnesota. Funding for this project was provided by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR).

Check out the video that Pollinator Ambassadors made with Independent Film Project MN about their experience learning about pollinators.

Please visit Youth at the U to learn about safe environments for youth at the University of Minnesota. 

Funding provided by:
University of Minnesota Healthy Foods Healthy Lives Institute
Target Corporate
Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund