Mentoring Apiary

Bee Squad Mentoring Apiary

The best way to learn successful beekeeping skills is through hands-on mentorship from experienced beekeepers.  Without beekeeping mentorship, new beekeepers often experience avoidable challenges resulting in colony death. The University of Minnesota Bee Squad’s Mentoring Apiary program invaluable learning experience.

The UMN Bee Squad is offering an array of exciting, hands-on beekeeping classes in 2019.  We offer classes for both beginning and experienced beekeepers in both the classroom and the apiary. We have three class options in 2019:

The Successful Beekeeper
Are you new to beekeeping? Having trouble with successfully overwintering your colonies? Please join us for a series of 7 classes covering everything from fundamental beekeeping techniques to disease detection and in-depth management strategies. Each class will begin with a discussion about seasonal management topics, followed by hands-on training in the apiary. There will always be time to ask general beekeeping management questions. The Successful Beekeeper Series is ideal for people who have taken a beekeeping course and want hands-on experience before acquiring their own bees and for new beekeepers who want to learn about colony management throughout the beekeeping season.
Two sections available, Saturday morning and Thursday afternoonLink to register: The Successful Beekeeper 2019
New Rochester Class Added! Link to register: The Successful Beekeeper Rochester 2019

The Beekeeper Scientist
This series of 6 classes invites scientifically-minded beekeepers to join the Bee Squad in managing a Bee Informed Partnership Sentinel Apiary. Classes are split between the Bee Lab with a discussion about recent research and the UMN Bee Lab Teaching Apiary for hands-on collection of colony health data. Special topics of recent research in the 2018 series included Varroa, Nosema, commercial beekeeping, hygienic behavior and testing, and the relationship between honey bee health and fungi. Returning Beekeeper Scientist students are welcome to take this series as topics will be current to research, management, and seasonal trends.
Link to register: The Beekeeper Scientist 2019

Buzz Pass Drop-In Classes
Would you like to improve your beekeeping skills or learn more about specific topics?We are offering one-hour classes at the Golf Course Mentoring Apiary on the St. Paul campus. These hands-on classes will allow us to focus on the seasonal needs of hives in Minnesota. When you purchase a Buzz Pass, we will add you to our newsletter and send updates to let you know what topics will be covered. You can choose classes to take based on issues you are facing in your own hives, questions you may have, or because you would enjoy learning about seasonal topics.  We encourage students to take multiple classes throughout the season.
Link to register: Bee Squad Buzz Pass 2019
Buzz Pass printable schedule

For class updates, please sign up for the Mentoring Apiary bulletin below, or follow the UMN Bee Squad Mentoring Apiary on Facebook.


The Buzz Pass classes will be held in our Mentoring Apiary near the Golf Course Turf Management Center (2096 Roselawn Avenue W, St. Paul MN, 55113).  Free parking is available in the Turf Management Center parking lot.  Please remember that there are no bathrooms at this location!

map of golf course apiary

The Successful Beekeeper series and the Beekeeper Scientist series will be held at the Bee Lab (1634 Gortner Avenue, St. Paul MN, 55113).  There is no public parking at the Bee Lab.  Please use paid parking at a metered spot on Folwell Avenue or Gortner Avenue,or in the Gortner Avenue Parking Ramp.

Bee Lab map

Beekeeper Hands-on training