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Bee Squad Mentoring Apiary

Registration is open for 2018 Bee Squad Mentoring Apiary classes!  Please see registration information below.

The best way to learn good beekeeping skills is through hands-on mentoring from an experienced beekeeper. The University of Minnesota Bee Squad's Mentoring Apiary Program provides this invaluable learning experience. Each session is tied to key management topics in a typical beekeeping season. Working in small groups, students manage University teaching colonies under the guidance of Bee Squad mentors.

The UMN Bee Squad is offering an array of exciting, hands-on beekeeping classes in 2018. We offer classes for both beginning and experienced beekeepers and at multiple locations throughout the metro area. This year we’ve added many new class topics and expanded some of our more in-depth sessions to include a classroom component!

Students must have prior beekeeping experience or have taken a beekeeping class (such as Beekeeping in Northern Climates) before registering for Mentoring Apiary classes. Students must bring their own protective equipment (veil, jacket, or beesuit) and smoker to class. 

Bee Squad Mentoring Apiary class schedules and registration are organized by month(s).  To see class options and register for classes, click on the appropriate month(s) below and then select "TICKETS".

Rochester, MN Mentoring Apiary Schedule:

Rochester Mentoring Apiary Class Schedule

Osceola, WI Mentoring Apiary Schedule:

June-September 2018 Mentoring Apiary Classes at the Acreage in Osceola, WI

Saint Paul, MN and Wayzata, MN Mentoring Apiary Schedules:

The Beekeeper Scientist Series

April 2018 Mentoring Apiary Classes

May 2018 Bee Squad Mentoring Apiary Classes

June 2018 Bee Squad Mentoring Apiary Classes

July 2018 Bee Squad Mentoring Apiary Classes

August 2018 Bee Squad Mentoring Apiary Classes

September and October 2018 Mentoring Apiary Classes

For Bee Veterans Mentoring Apiary Classes:

Bee Veterans Mentoring Apiary Classes

Beekeeper Hands-on training