Bee Diversity

bee on flower

There are many different bees with varied behaviors and habits. About 3,500 bee species live in the United States, and in Minnesota, there are probably close to 400. 
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In addition to crop pollination services, honey bees are responsible for producing all U.S. honey. While other bees are important as pollinators of crops and wild plants, all the honey we enjoy is produced by honey bees.  
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Helping Bees

Bee flowers

You can help bees in four ways: plant bee flowers everywhere, provide nesting habitat, keep bee-flowers clean, and support our effrects to keep bees healthy.


Bee going to apple tree flower

More than one-third of the world's crop species such as alfalfa seed, sunflower, and numerous fruits and vegetables depend on bee pollination, an ecological service valued in North America at $20 billion a year.  
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Flowers for Bees

Flower with bees

All bees need good, clean food.  Learn which flowers provide good sources of pollen and nectar to support bee nutrition over the entire growing season. 

Bees and Agriculture

Vegetables and fruit

"A healthy beekeeping industry is critical to both agriculture and the environment. Without honey bees, our food supply would be significantly reduced." - Gene Brandi, beekeeper