Joining the Cariveau lab

Prospective students

Graduate students interested in obtaining a Master’s or PhD degree with Dr. Cariveau are encouraged to contact him directly by phone or email to determine the availability of financial (grant) support for new students. Requirements for acceptance in the Department of Entomology are outlined clearly in the departmental website:

Students are expected to be collaborative scientists that are creative, highly-motivated, and insatiably curious. Much of the research involves field ecology, and good humor while working long hours in hot, humid and bug-ridden conditions is necessary. Finally, graduate school can be challenging, arduous, exciting and fulfilling. A wonderful resource for what to expect and how to be successful as a graduate student in ecology and entomology can be found on Spencer Hall’s website (

Employment in the lab


Job Posting: Field Research Technicians with the

Cariveau Native Bee Lab

The Cariveau Native Bee Lab is looking for qualified applicants to fill two technician positions,

August through October of 2019.

Salary : $15/hour

The Minnesota Agriculture for Pollinators Project (MAPP) technicians will conduct honey bee

and native bee sampling and plant surveys throughout southwest Minnesota in large-scale

pollinator plantings. This is a full-time position.

Dates: August - October (with some flexibility in end date)

Location : August to September - Slayton, Minnesota with field housing provided.

October until end date - Twin Cities, housing not provided.

Responsibilities : Technicians will conduct field work, observe and collect wild bees, and

conduct native plant surveys, process, pin, and label bee and plant specimens collected during

the 2019 field season. Technicians will also enter and check data. This work requires attention

to detail and an eagerness to learn. Both independent and group work required.

Required Qualifications:

● Valid US driver’s license and legally able to work in the US

● Enrollment as a current student or recent graduate with coursework in Entomology,

Ecology, Evolution, Conservation, Plant Sciences, Botany, or other experience with insect

and plant identification.

● Effective communication skills with supervisors and small teams.

● Dependability, punctuality, and ability to complete high quality work during tedious tasks.

● Ability to work in hot outdoor conditions and carry up to 30 pounds over consecutive


● Experience entering data with attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy.

Preferred Qualifications:

● Understanding of basic bee biology with experience handling and identifying wild bees.

● Prairie plant identification or other botany experience.

● Familiarity with dichotomous keys.

Please send your resume and cover letter to Kiley Friedrich ( ) by July 14.

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