Colleen Satyshur

Research Scientist

I am a Research Scientist at UMN working on three different stem and wood nesting wild bee projects. I have my Masters in Biology from the University of South Dakota studying the endangered Hine's emerald dragonfly. My undergraduate was in Biology from Cornell University. Between schooling I really enjoyed radio-tracking re-introduced whooping cranes and recording vocalizations of wild ones. I've worked at UMN since 2009, first as a research coordinator for the entomology portion of a study on using restored grasslands for both bioenergy and wildlife habitat. My three current projects are: 1. Native grassland plants used as nesting sites for wild bees, 2. Minnesota Bee Atlas-a citizen science project. 3. Minnesota Futures Grant called The Art and Science of Nesting Bees. My academic interests include ecology, grasslands, wild bees, and discovering the natural history and life cycles of stem nesting bees in particular. When not thinking about bees, I enjoy spending time with my husband, dog and two daughters, being outside, going to lots of playgrounds and parks. 

Find out more about the Art and Science of Nesting Bees here.


M.S. Biology, University of South Dakota

B.S. Biology, Cornell University

Colleen Satyshur Portrait