Ian Lane

PhD Candidate
1634 Gortner Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108

Research Interest: I am interested in how both the landscape and local factors associated with prairie restorations affect patterns of local and spatial diversity in bee communities. Specifically, I am interested in question relating to biotic homogenization due to landscape simplification, as well as factors that limit bee communities in restorations similarity to prairie remnants. I am also interested in working with landmanagers to better communicate pollinator research and learn about restoration research priorities.

M.S. Floral Enrichment of Turf Lawns to Benefit Pollinating Insects, 2016, University of MN, Advisors: Marla Spivak and Eric Watkins

B.S. Crop and Soil Sciences, with a minor in entomology and a specialization in sustainable food systems, 2012, Michigan State University


2020 U of MN Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

Ian Lane Picture