Ian Lane

PhD Student
1634 Gortner Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108

Research interests: I am broadly interested in questions related to
bee community assembly and the role of restorations in conserving bee

Project: I am currently pursuing questions related to how bee
community composition in both prairie reconstructions and remnants
change as sites become increasingly isolated from other natural
habitats. I am also interested in how species specific floral
specialization might explain bee community structure within
reconstructed prairies along this gradient of isolation.


2016 - M.S. - University of Minnesota. Advisor Marla Spivak and Eric
Watkins. Floral Enrichment of Turf Lawns to Benefit Pollinating

2012 - B.S. - Michigan State University - Crop and Soil Sciences, with
a minor in entomology and a specialization in sustainable food

Ian Lane Picture