Jessica Kevill

Post-Doctoral researcher - Mentor: Dr Declan Schroeder

Jessica has been a beekeeper for almost a decade, after learning about the drivers of decline in pollinating insects she decided to embark upon a Wildlife and Practical Conservation BSc (Hons) at the University of Salford, Manchester, UK. Whilst studying her degree, she developed a passion for the diseases and pests affecting honey bees and was inspired by the work conducted by Prof. Stephen Martin. Upon completion of her degree she was accepted for a PhD position with Prof. Stephen Martin, titled; The role of resistance to Varroa destructor and Deformed wing virus in the European honey bee (Apis Mellifera). After successfully defending her PhD Jessica was offered a post-doc working within the Schroeder lab of molecular virology at the University of Minnesota, where she continues to study the viruses of honey bees and is currently working in collaboration with the bee lab.

Jessica K picture