Katie Lee

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Research Interests: I am currently a post-doctoral researcher on the Minnesota Agriculture for Pollinators Project (MAPP) led by Dr. Dan Cariveau. The project assesses the benefits of pollinator plantings on both honey bees, wild bees, and natural enemies in southwest Minnesota. I lead the honey bee team that looks at how the surrounding percent natural area and pollination plot size affect honey bee health. My previous research focused on metrics that indicate honey bee colony and queen health. I developed a parasitic V. destructor sampling protocol that is now a nationwide standard. In collaboration with the non-profit organization the Bee Informed Partnership, I founded the Northern California and Upper Midwest honey bee Tech-Transfer Teams that provide services for commercial beekeepers by assessing colony health, sampling for pathogens and parasites, and testing breeding stock for disease resistance behaviors. I serve on the board of the American Beekeeping Federation and my long-term goal is to conduct research that generates practical information for beekeepers.


PhD, Entomology, 2018, U of MN, Advisor: Marla Spivak

M.S. Entomology, 2009, U of MN, Advisor: Marla Spivak

B.S. Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, 2005, U of MN

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