Kiley Friedrich

Research Scientist
1980 Folwell Ave Ste 219
St. Paul, MN 55108

Research Interests: National Park Service Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units "Pollinators in our Parks" - This project aims to understand the influence of invasive plant management, specifically buckthorn removal, on wild pollinator populations in two of our National Scenic Riverways.

Minnesota Agriculture for Pollinators Project (MAPP) - This experimental landscape study begs the question, "What factors make a habitat restoration effort most successful?"  By manipulating questions of seed mix design, plot size, and landscape context, the MAPP team is conducting 4 years of field research throughout southwest Minnesota, in partnership with public and private landowners. 

CFANS 2018 Pioneering & Innovation Award Recipient


M.S. Agroecology, 2018, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Advisor: Dr. Claudio Gratton

B.S. Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management, 2012, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

B.A. Global Studies, 2012, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

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