Michelle Boone

PhD Student

Select Honors and Awards

2020 President's Student Leadership and Service Award, U of MN

2020 Mary A. McEvoy Award, U of MN

2020 Borealis Graduate Student Leadership Award, CFANS

2019 First-Place Oral Presentation, Student Competition for the President's Prize, Entomological Society of America's Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO

2019 Aspiration Award for Most Outstanding Oral Presentation, International Conference on Transportation & Ecology, Sacramento, CA

2018 Plant-Insect Ecosystem Master's Student Achievement in Entomology Award, Entomological Society of America

2018 Second-Place Oral Presentation, Student Competition for the President's Prize, Entomological Society of America's Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Evans, Elaine, Michelle Boone, Dan Cariveau (2019) Monitoring and Habitat Assessment of Declining Bumble Bees in Roadsides in the Twin Cities Metro Area of Minnesota. Technical Report. Minnesota Department of Transportation 2019-25. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/335192345_Monitoring_and_Habitat_Assessment_of_Decli ning_Bumble_Bees_in_Roadsides_in_the_Twin_Cities_Metro_Area_of_Minnesota

Michelle Boone standing in front of a Black Lives Matter sign.  A male Bombus affinis on Michelle's hand.   A rusty-patched bumble bee on Joe Pye weed.    A bumble bee nest in an artificial nest box.  A queen rusty-patched bumble bee standing on some woodchips.

I’m a PhD student in the Entomology Department studying occupancy and detection probabilities of bumblebees in the Twin Cities, MN, including the federally endangered rusty-patched bumblebee (Bombus affinis Cresson). I'm interested in identifying habitat variables that are important for the presence of rusty-patched bumblebees and other Bombus species in the region. I'm interested broadly in conservation and learning how we can balance the needs of humans and wildlife in urban habitats. In addition to my interests in research and conservation, I'm passionate about social justice in higher education. Upon graduation, I'm interested in exploring career options as a wildlife biologist for federal agencies and non-profit organizations, in addition to research positions in academia.

2020 President's Student Leadership and Service Award Recipient

B.S. Biology, 2016, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

A.A. Liberal Arts, 2010, North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park, MN


2019 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship             

2019 CFANS Scholars of Color Fellowship

2018 CFANS Diversity Scholars Graduate Student Fellowship

2017 Diversity of Views (DOVE) Fellowship

Check out this video highlighting queen and male rusty-patched bumble bees at a nest location in Red Wing, MN: https://youtu.be/t3RXIWgSx0E

CV: file:///C:/Users/Michelle/Desktop/Career%20Stuff/BooneCVjuly2020.pdf

Michelle Boone with a Bombus griseocollis.