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Thank you all, as always, for helping us help bees!

As you read this, the Bee Squad is busy delivering honey from the season's harvest to all of our Hive to Bottle customers. Some of us are still wobbly from Bee Cruise, which took almost 80 beekeepers, bee enthusiasts and their families to see bees in Mexico, the Grand Cayman Islands, and Jamaica, and featured talks during sea days and excursions highlighting communities working with bees and other pollinators.  

One highlight was a visit to the Jamaica Deaf Village where EcoFarms Jamaica is training and employing members of the deaf community to manage honey bee colonies.  Bee Cruise was actually our second trip out of the country this year; in January we were in Nicaragua, where Bee Squad exchanged knowledge with beekeeping groups and cooperatives and learned about the challenges of and benefits to working with Africanized honey bees.

I interviewed for the Apiculture (Bee) Research position at the University of Minnesota two days after the huge Halloween snowstorm in 1991.  I had been living in Tucson, Arizona, doing bee research and had no warm clothes to wear to an interview in a place with 28 inches of snow.  I borrowed a pair of boots and a down jacket and hoped for the best.  The job was advertised as a 3-year, temporary position, and my competition was fierce.  I was offered the job (yea!) and moved to Minnesota in March 1992. 
And 25 years later, I am still here…working out of a beautiful new lab with my own boots and winter coats.  In those 25 years, support for bees has grown and our community has widened.  We are thankful for everyone’s interest in promoting the health of bees.

Renata Borba received her PhD from the University of Minnesota in 2015 after studying and doing research with Marla Spivak in the Bee Lab. She now lives four hours Northwest of Edmonton, Canada and is a post-doctoral researcher at the Agriculture Canada research farm in Beaverlodge, Alberta.

Renata is from Brazil and ended up in Minnesota when, as an undergraduate in Brazil studying animal science, she applied for the MAST International program with a plan to study bees.  She learned that most students were placed in Hawaii for the year with the remainder in Florida. Well … she found out that she was going to be sent to Minnesota…