Gardeners and farmers need to control pest insects but the use of insecticides can harm beneficial insects like bees and other pollinators.  More information on Pesticides >>

Wasp and Bee Removal

swarm of honey bees

Many people mistake wasps for bees. One very common misconception is that yellow jacket wasps that nest in the ground are honey bees. They look somewhat alike, but honey bees never nest in the ground. Another common event, particularly in early summer, is for a swarm of honey bees to land in a tree and/ or take up residence in inconvenient places like the siding of your house. Learn the difference between bees and wasps, and who to call to remove a nest.  More information on Wasp and Bee Removal >>

Watch this fun, 2 minute video about bees and wasps!


Megan with a bee beard

Bees sting to defend their nests. Bees rarely sting when they are busy foraging on flowers. Are you allergic to bee stings?  More information on Stings >>