Bee Lab

Bees fascinate and inspire. Bee research fosters creative thought and practical solutions.

The Bee Lab's mission is to promote the conservation, health, and diversity of bee pollinators through research, education, and hands-on mentorship. We work as a team to provide the richest learning environment for students at all levels and from all backgrounds.

Dr. Marla Spivak, MacArthur Fellow and Distinguished McKnight Professor in Entomology, conducts research on honey bees with excellent technical support of Mr. Gary Reuter and graduate students.

Dr. Dan Cariveau, Assistant Professor in Entomology, conducts research on the ecology and habitat needs of native bees. His recent work has focused on restoration ecology as a way to conserve biodiversity and as a tool for examining basic questions in ecology.

Dr. Declan Schroeder, Associate Professor in Virology, conducts research on honey bee viruses. His lab seeks to characterize the role of Deformed Wing Virus quasispecies in colony health

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