Hive to Bottle

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Designed for those who enjoy honey bees and would like to reap a sweet reward at the end of the season.

Beekeeping is no longer only a rural pastime. Honey bees can be kept in a variety of places- from back yards to balconies to rooftops. Yes, honey bees can live and thrive within city limits, and we can help. Hive to Bottle is for those who enjoy honey bees and would like to reap a sweet reward at the end of the season but do not want to personally manage a colony. A Bee Squad beekeeper takes care of your bees on your property while the bees are busy taking care of your neighborhood by pollinating food and flowering plants up to 2 miles away. Any honey that the bees don't need for winter will be harvested and given to you to enjoy!

We can help you coordinate when and where to purchase your own bees and equipment, and help you apply for a permit if necessary in your city.

UPDATE: The Bee Squad is not currently accepting new Hive to Bottle customers in Minneapolis city limits, because the Bee Squad has observed that colonies in Minneapolis tend to experience more health issues (colonies robbing other colonies, high Varroa pressure, etc.) than colonies in other parts of the metropolitan area. If you live in Minneapolis, you can help all bees by planting flowers and keeping them free from harmful pesticides.

Program Requirements

  • You purchase the bees and equipment
  • A location for the hive approved by a Bee Squad team member
  • A place to store extra equipment accessible to your beekeeper
  • Permit if required by local ordinance

Service Fees and Equipment Costs

The Bee Squad will manage up to four colonies on your property. If you would like more than four colonies or your property isn't an appropriate home for bees, colonies can be placed in our teaching apiary on the Saint Paul campus contributing to bee research and education.

Beekeeping Service Family Corporate
One colony $875 $1,125
Each additional colony $450 $450
Equipment Cost Estimates
Bees and basic equipment $550 per colony
Bottles inquire
Permit (city dependent) $100