Wasps and Bee Removal

 Watch this fun, 2 minute video about bees and wasps!

swarm of honey bees

Swarm of honey bees

Did a swarm of honey bees just land in a tree near your home? 

Do you have a colony of honey bees living in the siding of your home?

Do you have a wasp nest in the ground, or hanging on the eaves of your house?

With reason, many people confuse yellow jacket wasps, hornet wasps, and honey bees.

Wasps: The University of Minnesota Bee Lab does not remove wasp nests from structures. Our advice is: if they are not bothering you, enjoy them, or at least ignore them, for our short summer season; the pesky wasps will be dead after two hard frosts. 

bee or waspPlease read Bothered by Bees or Wasps? (.pdf) for more information and photos.

Bees and Swarms: Local hobby beekeeping associations are equipped to collect swarms from your yard. For information and photos on what a swarm of honey bees looks like: Swarms (by the Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association)

If bees have taken up residence in your home, there are professionals that can remove them, but often it involves some major destruction and reconstruction of your home or building. For Twin Cities area removal of bees from structures, Four Seasons Apiaries

For a more general list of Minnesota Firms: Removal of Swarms and Bees from Structures